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PE Truc de l'homme

PE Truc de l'homme

The project involves the construction of a wind farm in the French region of Lozère, near the town of Fage Montivernoux, and in the place called Truc de l'Homme, at an average altitude of 1200 meters.

The park consists of seven turbines ALSTOM ECO74 unitary power 1.7 MW, for a total of approximately 12MW. These turbines are supported on steel tower, fixed to the ground by a metal ferrule anchored to a concrete foundation. The hub height is 70 meters and the rotor diameter is 74 meters.

Each of the foundations contains approximately 22 tons of steel and 250 m3 of concrete, with a base diameter of 14.5 meters an excavation depth of four meters under the natural ground level.

The wind farm is connected to a medium voltage network of local distribution, via an underground line with insulated wire made of aluminum, and using a prefabricated interconnection center located nearby.

The tasks performed by the staff of Invall have been monitoring implementation as well as health and safety regulations  during the first phase, consisting of the tasks of civil works and electrical network covering  each area, that involve construction of foundations, trenching and laying of conductors. These works have been developed over five months.