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Invall - Empresa

Engineering in renewable energy and energy efficiency

At INVALL we actively contribute to the sustainable development of the planet through our commitment and innovation in renewable energy, in addition to reducing the environmental impact, which represent a significant energy saving that can reduce costs and increase profitability for the company.

  • Wind power: For over 20 years we have focused on the field of wind energy, where we have collaborated in the creation of wind farms and associated infrastructure in the provinces of Tarragona, Barcelona, Lleida, Cadiz and Galicia. We have also worked for various substations of Spain, Italy and Germany.
  •  Solar Energy: We specialize in photovoltaic installations on deck, which are those that generate greater profitability for the company. One of our main tasks in this area is the installation of photovoltaic SEAT factory in Martorell (Barcelona).
  •  Thermal Energy: The use of waste heat significantly increases energy efficiency. In Invall, we diagnose energy deficiencies detected and carry out techniques of cogeneration, which provide thermal useful electrical energy.

We also have a photovoltaic audit team in order to ensure optimal conditions of the facilities. This line include audits realized on photovoltaic systems for Alguaire and Ruda Valley.

In Invall we also performed audits for public lighting installations in order to reduce consumption and emissions in the city of Tarragona lighting