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On 26 March, INVALL took a leading role in the chemistry special of the Diari de Tarragona, where our manager, Jordi Bessa, explained how important the environmental commitment is for our company and what we are doing to fulfil this commitment.News of the Diari de Tarragona.


In our INVALL headquarters in Coruña  in collaboration with the A Coruña University Foundation, a scholarship has been offered to students who have completed their master's degree in Civil Engineering in which case the student also holds a degree in Civil Engineering Technology, offering a position in practice in our staff.From INVALL we give the opportunity to gain experience once the students have finished their studies!


Construction and technical supervision is the one that has made AVALL in six wind farms in the province of Teruel, in addition to three substations and two 220 KV evacuation lines.


In the municipality of La Selva del Camp, in the province of Tarragona, there was a water purification plant in the 1980s given the population growth and the need to remodel the existing plant, the construction of a new EDAR was agreed, from Invall the project for the construction of the new sewage plant was drafted and the following was done. Construction of the new plant is an improvement for the municipality and its population!


Invall has been the company that has worked for ICL Iberpotash S.A.O. in the mine of Potassa de Suria, in the district of Bages, province of Barcelona, from the drafting, to the execution and management of the works, which will come to an end in the mid-2021. Invall directs the project's works that will make the automated circulation of ore effective from Rampa Cabanasses to the Hangar de Mineral, where it will be driven directly to plant treatment.


Invall has worked and continues to do so in the redistribution of part of the buildings of the Vandellós II Nuclear Power Plant, with two of the three phases of execution already completed and a total area of about 1000 m2 in which Invall has developed solutions for the greater exploitation of the surfaces, creating clear, wide, renovated working spaces.


Technical assistance in the direction of works is one of our services Claus, Invall performs control and monitoring throughout the process of the work of the Balearic Moll in the Port of Tarragona. It follows the procurement and classification of material required for dikes in the quarry, the construction of eleven concrete drawers armed by the "Mar de l'Aneto" caixon, melted at its final site of the pier, the construction of the platform closure dikes (by sea and land means), and performs the dredging and filling of the platform that forms the new pier.


In civil engineering, road engineering, since INVALL, has brought the project of fitting the vehicle containment elements and the tramp-footed cunettes of La Nou de Gaia in Solomon, Tarragona, with the aim of generating a positive return to society and improving people's lives.