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Presentation of the Mas Trader Torrent's Pawning in Cubelles

 Image Cubelles Town Hall

Our department of hydraulic engineering has drafted the preliminary draft delivered last May to the City Council of Cubelles to channel the rainwaters on Gessami street, in order to solve the problems of flooding in Mas Trader.


The preliminary draft sets out the work to be carried out in order to capture the surface water from the contribution basin that includes the upper part of the urban sector and the slopes of the Cogullada, the Quinto and the Picarola hill. Rainwater will be channeled underground into the Foix River so that floods occurring in the streets of Gessim. and Assutzena in times of heavy rain will be avoided, and the main pumping station of Cubelles will be released from these flows.


The City Council trusts that the works described in the preliminary draft can be funded by grants from the Unique Plan of Works and Services of Catalonia (PUOSC) of the Generalitat; the Catalan Water Agency, and through the investment counterpart of the new municipal water management contract.


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Presentation of the Mas Trader Torrent's Pawning in Cubelles