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Internationally we have permanent delegations in Poland, Romania and Macedonia which are facing new challenges in engineering, especially in relation to renewable energy, water and environment.

In addition, INVALL contributes to reducing the environmental impact worldwide through photovoltaic and wind energy projects in various countries in Europe, South America and Asia.


In Europe, one of our most ambitious project is in Romania with the electrical connection of four wind farms with total power of 402MW which made us achieved a cost reductions greater than 25%. We also highlight our technical assistance in different wind farms in France and the Netherlands.

South America

In Invall we also carry out important collaborations in different countries of Latin America. In Peru, we develop greenfield projects of wind farms and hydroelectric-economic expertise. In Panama wegive technical cooperation in the field of wind energy and in Puerto Rico, the design of photovoltaic substations.


Our expansion into the east becomes effective through our technical assistance in wind farms in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Turkey. South Korea include also various feasibility viability studies for the subsequent installation of three wind farms.