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Invall - Empresa


At INVALL,we  improve irrigation systems in order to generate a more efficient use of water. Our technical team has been able to contribute to the design of new forms of irrigation to the southern regions of Catalonia, we have participated in the drafting of a regulation pound of 350,000 m3 in the tail of the distribution chain and generally have part of the management team building the pipeline distribution with 2m diameter, in Lleida.

Main developments

Project management and joint work "Transformation of the irrigable area in the municipality of Freginals" Montsià and "Transformation into irrigation through sewage" in the municipality of La Senia


Modified project and technical assistance for the draftingof nº 1 modified project for irrigation Xerta-Senia. Raising and pumping. Pumping discharge system.


Management of irrigation works Xerta-Senia. Raising and pumping.


Construction management of irrigation expansion and modernization of the Tremp Basin


We design new irrigation systems and improve the efficiency of current ones in order to make optimal use of water