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We develop hydraulic studies, flood problems, and implement more efficient corrective action in each case as pipes and lamination ponds. Among our projects stands out the General Plan for Urban Planning of Tarragona or channeling ravine Barenys (Salou).

 Our projects related to pipelines include:

  • Hydrological Study of the basin to determine the water flow depending on the return period considered.

  •  Hydraulic study of irrigation channel and determination of the corrective measures channelling to be considered. Using modelling and simulation programs uni and bi-dimensional.

  • Design of the pipeline and the type of material: reinforced concrete sections, mixed with riprap or natural slopes covered with geomembranes for rustic environments.

  • Studies of flood simulations compared between baseline and end once the project is complete.

Main developments

Technical assistance to the complementary project nº1 for the drainage project of Francoli River at the Port of Tarragona through the dock of Varadero.

Catalan Water Agency

Construction project of hydrological correction for the streams Barreda and Boella in the municipalities of Vila-seca, Tarragona and Reus. Sections I, II and III.

Catalan Water Agency

Construction project of the Program of Water Quality of the Ebro Delta. Supply of fresh water to the bays and restructuring environment of Les Olles - Tarragona.


Drafting of the construction project of the Program of Water Quality of the Ebro Delta. Alimentation for Ullals of Arispe and Panxa and driving their water towards the llacuna Encanyissada - Tarragona.


We determine the suitability of adjacent lands to hydraulic course through the study of floodings