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Invall is an international group of companies committed to continuous innovation in order to improve economic efficiency, social and environmental in the world.
We provide global services to public and private organizations that respond to any level of complexity and the highest demands.


With over 50 years of experience we continue upgrading ourselves every day to ensure the highest quality and efficiency to our customers.




Invall has been the company that has worked for ICL Iberpotash S.A.O. in the mine of Potassa de Suria, in the district of Bages, province of Barcelona, from the drafting, to the execution and management of the works, which will come to an end in the mid-2021.

Building Redistribution


Invall has worked and continues to do so in the redistribution of part of the buildings of the Vandellós II Nuclear Power Plant, with two of the three phases of execution already completed and a total area of about 1000 m2 in which Invall has developed solutions for the greater exploitation of th

Technical assistance at the Port of Tarragona


Technical assistance in the direction of works is one of our services Claus, Invall performs control and monitoring throughout the process of the work of the Balearic Moll in the Port of Tarragona.